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Working with you to create a custom piece is an intimate and rewarding process. To ensure that you receive a piece of art that will fulfill you personally and meet your practical expectations, I offer unlimited consultations throughout the creations process. 

This process begins with an initial consultation, where my only goal is to listen and learn what you are hoping to see in your commissioned piece. During this meeting, we will also discuss the average price range and a rough timeline based on your expectations. After the initial consultation, I'll develop a series of mockups that will be sent to you digitally. Once these are received we'll have our second consultation, at which point we'll work together to identify any issues that should be taken care of before work is begun on the final piece. 


Commissions are priced using a uniform formula based on the square footage of the piece, hourly wage, and shipping costs.

Payment for commissions is due in two installments: 

  • The portion of the price based on the square footage of the piece is due no more than 48 hours after the second consultation. 

  • The remainder of the full price is due no more than 48 hours after you are notified of the piece's completion. 

Commissions are highly personalized pieces that are created primarily with you in mind. For this reason, if upon receipt you are unsatisfied with your piece for any reason, we can offer a refund of only the first payment made. To request this refund, all that's required is that you contact me directly within 30 days of receipt of your piece.

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