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My name is Sarah Levine. I'm an artist, and I create all of the pieces available on Tangerine Public. I work across a number of different mediums, including acrylic, charcoal, photography, and digital tools in constant search for visual manifestations of the frequency, at which I feel the world. The evolution of my artwork has depended on the interweaving of these different mediums through each other to create works that strive to exist in the space between the physical and the spiritual. Because my interests lie primarily in the space between the tangible and intangible, abstraction and subtraction are the two most critical modes of creating I rely on. I use paint, charcoal, pen, photography, digital animation, digital editing tools, and anything else I can get my hands on to accomplish a perpetual state of abstraction and subtraction. Digitally and physically altering photographs of paintings and drawings is the tool I use to create something that is at once there and not: an expression of thought or feeling that exists fully only in the fleeting moments of its evolution from states of being. My art is not about what I have to say. My art is about unearthing a language to express what, by definition, can't be said.

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